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You are a leader of a village/town/city etc and you are slowly running out of power. You have to either stamp down riots and people who oppose you or appease your people to keep control of your throne. But all segments of society must be balanced or you will run out of power!

“Taking on the role of a powerful dynasty with unique traits your goal is to achieve the highest possible Power score.

Beginning in the Medieval era and all the way through to the Future you must find balance in your rule. You must control and balance the happiness and influence of various different segments of your population. This is done by issuing policies which affects the population segments in different ways. 

Be aware that things can get out of hand when “Random Events” occur and if you fail to balance happiness and influence your people will start to rise against you, diminishing your Power. 

Time flies, so what are you waiting for? Take control of your people and enforce your will - before you run out of power!”


Dynasty Through The Decades 48 MB

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